Bank Robbery

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Wells Fargo-Cumberland

Black Male subject wearing all black clothing shoes, pants, 3/4 jacket, hoodie with a ski mask and black and blue gloves.
2014-11-29 | Atlanta | GA | More
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WELLS FARGO BANK, Atlanta, Georgia…..08/25/2014

B/M, approximately 5'8", wearing an Atlanta Braves baseball cap, burgundy shirt and blue jeans.

2014-08-25 | Atlanta | Georgia | More
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NAVY FEDERAL CREDIT UNION, Atlanta, Georgia. 08/12/2014

3 armed individuals wearing mask and carrying handguns.
2014-08-12 | Atlanta | Georgia | More
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WELLS FARGO BANK, Lawrenceville, Georgia.08.11.2014

B/F with long hair, wearing a baseball style cap and a hooded jacket.
2014-08-11 | Lawrenceville | Georgia | More
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WELLS FARGO BANK, Smyrna, Georgia, 07.10.2014

B/M, approximately 5'6", wearing a gray "LSU" shirt, jeans and a baseball style cap.

2014-07-10 | Smyrna | Georgia | More
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Fifth Third Bank, Marietta, Georgia….06/30/2014

W/M, approximately 40-50 yoa, wearing a blue shirt, tan shorts and a baseball style cap.
2014-06-30 | Marietta | Georgia | More
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Wells Fargo Bank, Atlanta, Ga…..07/01/2014

Three males wearing mask, surgical gloves and carrying handguns.
2014-07-01 | Atlanta | Georgia | More

SUNTRUST BANK, Marietta, Georgia.04.30.2014

Male, wearing dark pant, dark hoodie, dark gloves, dark bandanna and carrying a black handgun.
2014-04-30 | Marietta | Georgia | More
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B/M, 5'5-5'6, 140-150 lbs, mid 20s to mid 30s in age, wearing dark clothes, gloves, mask and baseball style hat. Armed with a dark colored handgun. Fled in a 2000 model black 4 door Honda Accord style car.

2014-05-03 | Marietta | Georgia | More

MEMBERS FIRST CREDIT UNION, Decatur, Georgia.04.23.2014

B/F, approximatley 5'7" - 5'9", wearing a white hazardous material suit and a blue surgical mask.

2014-04-23 | Decatur | Georgia | More
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